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About Us

Lorenzini & C. srl was created in 1979 by the will of Enio Lorenzini and Ugo Grifoni. It’s a reality which operates in the port of Livorno and has distinguished itself over the years for its numerous investments in technology and human resources, thus succeeding in becoming one of the most important realities of the port of Livorno.

The areas at Lorenzini’s disposal have increased from 1,000 square metres of 1985 to over 90,000 square metres today, and its vehicle fleet is in continuous expansion. Over the last two years, amongst several other purchases, one may count 4 RTG cranes, a new mobile crane Gottwald HMK7608 and the Gottwald GHMK8412, the biggest harbur mobile crane of all the Mediterrean. The terminal is equipped with an internal railroad track of approximately 400 metres.

The company operates with professionalism, flexibility and dynamism. It is these specific features which have led to considerably increase the number of customers, whose composition mainly include world-class shipping companies such as MSC, Maersk, CmaCgm, Tenaris/Dalmine, Hamburg Sud, General Electric, Zim, Hapag-Lloyd, SaimaAvandero, Combi Lift, BBC Chartering, Hansa Heavy Lift, MGM lines, Thorco Shipping, Big Lift, Sal Heavy Lift.

The terminal offers round-the-clock operativity all year long, ensuring a swift and smooth management of Lo/Lo and Ro/Ro loading and unloading operations with the handling of any kind of goods: from containers to carriageways, from industrial plant machinery to timber, always ensuring flexibility in order to operate professionally in all spheres.

Being a leading company in the purchase of logistic and port services in the port of Livorno, Lorenzini has handled a full 208,000 teus and 125,000 cubic metres of general cargo during the year 2018. And it’s of course this great expansion that the company is currently undergoing, born initially as a multipurpose business and, over the years, capable of deeply consolidating and developing its operativity also in the field of containers. On this product category, various efforts of technological adjustments and purchase of equipment have been channelled as a necessary measure to sustain expansion.

One need only consider that, in 2010, the handled containers were a little more than 100,000 teus, thus giving a result in terms of trend growth of twice more in volumes for the last 8 years.

Over the last decade Lorenzini has invested more than 29 million euro in operating resources and works on public properties, of which a full 18 million euro over the last five years.

All the company efforts are dedicated to both service efficiency and a highly elevated quality standard, always in the observance of applicable laws on security and safety. The terminal, for many years now, is equipped with a state-of-the-art surveillance system in order to ensure a high safety standard, and it is in possession of ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and AEO certifications.

The company strongly believes in the qualification of human resources, and its high level training programmes guarantee the quality of the work carried out and the optimisation of services.

Over the last year over 1,000 was the number of training hours provided to the personnel, and the workforce experienced a growth of 20 newly hired over the last 4 years. For several years the company has been using the most sophisticated instruments offered by the information technology, and has also introduced an information system with a dedicated application software

In the summer of 2014, Lorenzini & C. srl has further strengthened its corporate structure with the entry in partnership of MSC, a world leader in shipowning. This partnership is currently supporting new and additional projects and prospects for development.

The recent news is that of the first 9,000-teu vessels entering the port of Livorno, which is an operation carried out in conjunction with the competent authorities and which has also allowed Lorenzini & C. to achieve an important goal in the name of the entire port community of Livorno. The MSC service to South America is now available at the terminal and has a weekly mooring frequency of vessels with a capacity of 9,000 teus.

Last projects

Many of the development projects are still ongoing and, on the one hand, they involve investment programs to increase the available areas; on the other hand, they concern actions aimed at strengthening the logistic chain. Over the last months of 2017, Lorenzini & C. has designed and received the approval of a project which envisages the enlargement of the approach channel to the port, this being a work of historical and strategic importance given the need to attract new services and new vessels, thus maintaining the competitiveness of the port of call of Livorno in the forthcoming years until the completion of the Darsena Europa – the offshore development of the port. The work were completed in early 2018

During 2017 another major investment of Lorenzini & C. has led to the enlargement of the Galvani customs entry point to facilitate the smooth flow of road/rail transport of goods. These operations are always intended for the benefit of the entire port community and are carried out on public properties.

On 31 December 2018, transported from Holland, after a week of navigation, the GHMK 8412-64 mobile crane in the HT version (with a tower 10 meters taller) produced by Konecranes Gottwald arrived at the Lorenzini terminal. Currently the largest mobile crane in Europe and the Mediterranean. Main body 58 meters high, operator’s cabin located at 43 meters to ensure maximum visibility on board the ship. An investment of over 4 million euros.

The future

Since june 2019, the doubling of the railway line currently used is started; this is a vital operation to significantly increase the railway traffic to and from the terminal.

With an eye always to the future, Lorenzini & C. is currently designing the expansion on new port areas. The needs in terms of spaces are continuously growing.