Human Resources

Over 70 employees together represent the core of Lorenzini Terminal. Its composition include operative, administrative, IT and managerial personnel with various expertise in administration, customs, legal as well as strictly port-related matters. The most traditional figures which the company has routinely at its disposal (such as crane, forklift, fifth-wheel operators and stevedores), are also supported by both the safety and security department and by more modern figures and offices, namely those which are responsible for the IT planning of the yard, for the continuous system development, for their daily maintenance and for the application programming.

The average employee age is under 40 years, since the company has always aimed at work placement of very young people. 

Lorenzini strongly believes that, in order to guarantee the high quality standards of services offered to its customers, the quality of human resources should play a key-role. For this reason, ad-hoc training and education programmes of employees are specifically arranged  in adherence to Lorenzini’s operational reality. For instance, in 2017 alone, the number of per capita training hours provided solely to employees have been nearly 2,500, including the mandatory training in relation to safety measures, without losing sight of other skills enhancement courses which have been set up with    specialized external teachers. In addition to these annual external training plans, an internal training is also provided by the company staff by working alongside both new hires and workers who change jobs. 

To believe in human resources also means contributing to the training of tomorrow’s workers. For this reason, students of Livorno institutes alternating school-work are hosted in the terminal each year; many are also the students who choose to undertake internships and write degree thesis at the facilities of Lorenzini & C. Attention is also given to training programmes for unemployed and never previously employed people, by means of hosting women and men who will be engaged in internships of various duration.